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Have you received a certified letter from the West Virginia Nursing Board informing you that you are the subject of a  Nursing Board Complaint? ...or that you are to be disciplined? Are you facing suspension or license termination? 


If so, you do not have to face the Nursing Board by yourself.  You do not have to go it alone.  You have the right to have an attorney help you through this extremely difficult and stressful time. 

I have been helping West Virginia professionals before their respective licensing boards and hearing tribunals for over 20 years.  And in those years I have helped Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners by answering ethics and disciplinary complaints and, when needed, defending them by arguing their case before the West Virginia Nursing Board in its administrative hearing process.  And if required, to take their case before the Circuit Court and West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.


I have doctors, nurses and paramedics in my family.  So I know just how hard you worked to obtain your professional distinction and nursing license.  Clearly, you do not want it jeopardized by a Board Complaint that could tarnish your reputation, or worse - end your career.  If you receive a Complaint, or are under investigation, or you are facing suspension or license termination - don't wait.  Give me call.  My office will investigate the allegations with and for you, answer the charges on your behalf, and work with you every step of the way until the matter is concluded.   You simply DO NOT have to face Nursing Board or the Board's Complaint with fear and worry.  You do not have to be alone in the fight!


Your Defense Against the Nursing Board Complaint

If you are reading this now then you have already received  a West Virginia Nursing Board Complaint that you got by certified mail.  As you now know, unless the Complaint was filed anonymously, it will identify the person who filed the Complaint against you - identified as the Complainant.  And it will contain the Complainant's Statement of charges.


The Complaint letter also informed you of the allegation(s) against you and that you are under investigation for possible violation(s) of West Virginia Code §30-7-11.  Though this code reference gives you notice of the type of behavior the Nursing Board finds sanctionable, it is not specific to your charges. 


Most complaints fall into the category of "outside the scope of practice", yet many will also involve ethical violations - especially if prescription medication is involved.  Regardless, the Complaint letter will demand that you execute an authorization so that the West Virginia Nursing Board can obtain your [1] employment history and, [2] when warranted, your medical history.   And you only have a very short amount of time to respond by giving the board your authorization and defending against the charges.

Just so you know, the West Virginia Nursing Board provides a brochure about the disciplinary process, which you can access here.   Know that the Nursing Board will tell you that you do not need a lawyer while you are under investigation.  Really?  You are under investigation with possible probation, suspension or license termination on the line.  But you don't need a lawyer to stand up for you, defend you against the charges and help you through the process?  What do you think!


So what should you do now that you have been hit with a Compliant letter?  Don't be afraid and don't let worry and stress cause you to make a bad decision - like deciding you can do this on your own.  Whether you hire my office or not, you should know that when dealing with the Nursing Board, you have the obligation to timely respond and to be honest.  But, you have the absolute right and duty, to tell your side of the story.  And that is where my office can stand up for you. 


My office is experienced in telling your side of the story and can answer the Complaint for you and represent you, defend you, and when required, argue your case before the Nursing Board's hearing examiner. Even if you have already had your matter heard, you may still have time to appeal the Board's decision if it was unfavorable.  My office can help you with the appeal process as well.

So, now that you are dealing with the Complaint letter - read it carefully, and then decide if you want dedicated, determined and experienced help on your side.  If so, call me and let's get started.


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